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2019 finalists – The Midlands

2019 finalists – The Midlands
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School Space

School Space is an 'Airbnb for schools', with the mission of solving the education funding crisis. It works with schools to rent out their facilities in the evenings, weekends and school holidays, generating them revenue and transforming the school into a community hub. 

Igloo Vision

Igloo Vision is a shared virtual reality company, taking 360° content and putting it in a shared space that whole teams can use. Its virtual spaces are perfect for events and experiences, as well as collaborative teamwork, immersive training and data visualisation.


ReBOUND is on a mission to change the way retailers process returns. It’s called reverse logistics: an integrated user platform which manages the entire return process.

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics has invented a new kind of in-car audio experience: the electrostatic audio system. It’s a thin-film, lightweight electrostatic that helps car manufacturers design audio systems around the vehicle’s cabin rather than the other way around.