James Forsyth

3 New Year’s resolutions for Theresa May

3 New Year's resolutions for Theresa May
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In The Sun today, I propose three New Year’s resolutions for Theresa May. She should be decisive on Brexit, bold on housing and try and fix social care.

None of these will be easy; and all three of them will be made more difficult by her mistakes in 2017. But if the Tories don’t make progress on these fronts in the next 12 months, Jeremy Corbyn will be that much closer to Downing Street.

May’s visibility this week—reiterating her desire to be the Prime Minister who fixes the housing crisis and apologising to NHS patients who have had their operations cancelled—shows she wants to hit the ground running. The reshuffle which is expected early next week, most likely Monday, is also meant to show a government that is energised. Though, from what I am hearing there won’t be many changes at the top of government.