Peter Hoskin

A big poll boost for the Lib Dems

A big poll boost for the Lib Dems
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The polls sure are volatile in the wake of Smeargate.  The weekend brought hefty leads for the Tories of 17 and 19 percent.  Yesterday, an ICM poll recorded a 4 percent drop in support for Cameron & Co, although they remained 10 points ahead of Labour.  And, today, the latest Ipsos-MORI political monitor shows a massive jump in support for the Lib Dems.  Here are the headline figures:

CONSERVATIVES --- 41 percent (down 1 percentage point)

LABOUR --- 28 percent (down 5)

LIB DEMS --- 22 percent (up 8)

One theory is that the Lib Dems - who have emerged from recent political scandals relatively unscathed - are benefitting from disillusionment with the two main parties.  Although, I'd say it's too early to judge.  The events of recent weeks seem to have shaken people's perceptions of politics, and we'll need to wait until some time after the Budget for them to settle.