David Blackburn

A day of elections at Westminster

A day of elections at Westminster
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By the end of the day, we will know the identity of the Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and the chairmen of Select Committees as well as a sense of the shape of the Labour leadership contest.

The races for the Select Committees are a mix of near certainties and unknown quantities. Keith Vaz is expected to return to the chair of the Home Affairs Committee. Michael Fallon is understood to have the backing of the members of the Treasury Select Committee, whilst his rival Andrew Tyrie is in with a shout of winning the cross party vote.

The leadership races are clear cut. Simon Hughes' team have briefed that their man has up to 60 percent of the parliamentary party's support. In the Labour stakes, Andy Burnham is expected to join the current nominees. Whilst Diane Abbott has attracted support in recent days, both she and John 'The Jackal' McDonnell are expected to drop out. Anyway, all will clear by midnight.