Peter Hoskin

A day of pomp and positivity

A day of pomp and positivity
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The sun is filtering through the garden at 22 Old Queen Street, and a brass band is marching around St James's Park: we're getting the light and the pomp in equal measures for today's Queen's Speech.  As for the actual policy, well, we largely know what it's all about.  There will be proposals for scrapping ID cards, strengthening civil liberties, reforming schools, making the police more accountable, and more.  The emphasis from the government is on handing power back to the people.

The question is whether the coalition can make today's positives balance out the age of austerity.  The stock market today provides a gloomy reminder that their biggest challenge is, and will remain, the economy.  But, for reasons of re-electability, among others, they won't want the sunshine to disappear behind the clouds.