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A family affair: who’s who in the G7 entourage

A family affair: who's who in the G7 entourage
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It’s all eyes on Cornwall today as the G7 summit kicks off, bringing the leaders of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan to Britain. 

The various heads of government, having spent months in lockdown, will no doubt be brushing up on their small talk ahead of their various diplomatic meetings, with leaders' spouses set to mingle under the watch of newly wed Carrie Johnson. 

Should the policy debates prove too fraught here's everything they'll need to know to navigate the (somewhat) safer subject of their better halves and children:

The Bidens, USA

First Lady Dr Jill Biden will sit down to tea with Carrie Johnson ahead of the G7 summit. Whilst their policy interests may differ - Jill Biden has so far focused on education and military families whereas Carrie champions the environment - they may find common ground on the domestic front. 

Social worker and fashion designer Ashley Biden is the President’s only child with his second wife. After working at Delaware’s department of children’s services, Ashley Biden went on to head up a criminal justice campaign group in Wilmington. Since her father became president, Ashley Biden has stayed almost entirely out of politics - staying clear (perhaps wisely) of the 'first daughter' role favoured by her predecessor. She is married to an otolaryngologist (that's an ENT doctor to you and me) and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

The Trudeau-Grégoires, Canada

The Trudeaus arrive for the G20 Hamburg summit (Getty)

Born in 1971, Justin Trudeau is the youngest of the G7 leaders - with parenting duties to boot. After marrying Sophie Grégoire, a former childhood friend, in 2005, the couple welcomed their first child - Xavier - two years later, followed by Ella in 2009, and Hadrien in 2014.

As you might expect given their ages, the three Trudeau-Grégoires still live with their parents - although not at the official prime ministerial residence. While works are undertaken on 24 Sussex, the family are currently living at Rideau Cottage: a historic building in Ottawa traditionally occupied by the Queen’s representative in Canada.

The Draghis, Italy

Serena Capello, wife of Mario Draghi with Ursula von der Leyen and Christine Lagarde (Getty)

The eldest child of Italian PM Mario Draghi and Serena Cappello, Federica Draghi was born in the mid-70s - shortly after her parents' marriage.

Educated in the US and Italy (including a PhD in biochemistry), Federica joined Genextra, a Milan-based investor in advanced life sciences, in 2006. As investment director, she is responsible for managing and growing the Genextra portfolio, investing in emerging biotech companies from Europe and beyond.

The second child born to Mario Draghi and Serena Cappello, Giacomo has followed in his father’s financial footsteps. Having worked as an analyst and trader at Morgan Stanley in New York, he is now a partner in the Mayfair office of hedge fund LMR Partners. The firm currently manages assets amounting to some $7.5bn. Educated in Milan, Giacomo married nutritional therapist Valentina Orneli at a family villa in 2011. No children have been reported yet.

Yoshihide and Mariko Suga, Japan

Having only taken office last September, Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga is perhaps the least well known name on the G7 stage.

Seven years older than his long-standing predecessor (Shinzo Abe), Suga-san has three adult children with his wife Mariko Suga.

Of the three, it's eldest son Seigo Suga who has been in the spotlight lately. A senior executive with a Tokyo film distributor, he has been under fire for reportedly hosting dinners with senior civil servants, in a potential breach of Japan’s tight lobbying laws.

The Macrons

Tiphaine Auzière with her mother Brigitte Macron (Getty)

Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte is perhaps the most well known of the G7 spouses. 24 years older than her other half, she famously met her husband-to-be while she was his teacher. The eldest of Brigitte's three children from her first marriage is a lawyer. Tiphaine Auzière has shown signs of wanting to embark on her own political career, campaigning for Macron's party and taking an interest in justice policy. Emmanuel Macron also has two step sons: Sébastien, a 45-year-old engineer and Laurence, who is a 43-year-old cardiologist.

The Johnsons

Boris and Carrie Johnson on their wedding day (Getty)

The Prime Minister's recent nuptials should prove enough of a conversation starter at the summit. But Johnson was no stranger to matrimony or, indeed, family life, before his latest arrival, Wilfred. The more gallant G7 members could always ignore the advice of Boris's sister Rachel who dismisses talk of adult children as dull, and swat up on the Johnson-Wheelers. The eldest (27 years older than Wilfred) is Lara who attended Bedales School before studying Latin at St Andrews. Since graduating, she's gone to forge her own career in journalism. Currently a contributing editor with Tatler, she has written on fashion and mental health - avoiding the bendy banana stuff favoured by her father.

Three years younger than Lara, Milo Johnson-Wheeler is Boris Johnson’s eldest son. Educated at Westminster School (Nick Clegg’s alma mater), Milo went on to study at SOAS before working - briefly - in Dubai for Esquire magazine. A fluent speaker of French, Russian and Arabic, he’s followed his older sister in managing to stay largely out of the spotlight.

The third of the PM’s children with ex-wife Marina Wheeler QC, Cassia was educated at North London’s Highgate School, where she edited the school magazine. Four years old when her father was first elected to parliament, she would have been too young to vote for him during his spell as London Mayor. Assuming, that is, she would have wanted to anyway.

The youngest of Johnson’s adult children, Theodore is a dead ringer for his father - often spotted with identical blond shaggy locks.The 22-year-old Cambridge student had the gossip pages in a flurry last year when a friend let slip that Theo had written his own play about the Brexit referendum.

As of yet, this much-sought manuscript has yet to emerge - perhaps to his father’s relief.