David Blackburn

A gentle fightback

A gentle fightback
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The consensus is that David Cameron made a mess of last night’s TV debate. And whilst he wasn’t bad, he certainly wasn’t good, especially to watch. In a post over at Cappuccino Culture, I make the point that Cameron was the most static and soulless feature of a static and soulless piece of television. Undoubtedly the Tories' greatest presentational asset, his subdued performance is inexplicable.

Whilst there is no cause for panic the Tories are rightly trying to regain the initiative. Gary Barlow’s appearance with Cameron at a school this morning didn’t relight Dave’s, or anyone else's, fire. But Paul Waugh reports that the Tories are beginning to point out the inconsistencies in Nick Clegg and Vince Cable’s position, something that should have been done months ago. Already there are signs that Lib Dems are prepared to change sides: Matt Chorley of the Western Morning News has heard that two councillors in the South West will defect on Monday. The Tories probably need to win 10 Lib Dem seats.