Peter Hoskin

A glass of clear, blue water?

A glass of clear, blue water?
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One of the most eye-catching stories this morning comes courtesy of ConservativeHome:

"As part of the pre-election package, ConservativeHome expects Mr Osborne to announce that a Tory government will cancel Labour's National Insurance tax rise. The Tories will announce an alternative way of plugging the hole. Earlier this week Policy Exchange argued that the NI rise was a very damaging way of raising extra revenue."

Sure, Cameron has hinted at this before, and there will be questions about how the Tories would fill the fiscal gap.  But that doesn't make this anything less of a smart move.  Not only does it makes sense economically, but it would give the Tories a clear, positive message to deploy on the doorstep.  I'd be astonished if Team Osborne didn't move on it.