Rod Liddle

A hate crime is a hate crime, no matter who commits it 

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so vile, so sickening, so inhumane as the killing of the pensioner Ekram Haque in front of his little grand-daughter, Marian. It happened in Tooting, south-west London. You can watch what happened on CCTV (above) although you’ll need a strong stomach. It seems to have been a racist attack on this decent, hard-working Muslim chap, but I don’t know that this makes the crime any worse. Simply, I suppose, that it will not attract the same amount of attention as if it had been, quite clearly, a racist attack. Ie, had Mr Haque’s attackers been white instead of black. I’ve written about this crime for this week’s magazine and it would not surprise me if the usual cretins complained, never ever seeing the wood for the trees. But also not even seeing the trees clearly.