A London for all! George Galloway to speak at £1400 private members’ club

A London for all! George Galloway to speak at £1400 private members' club
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George Galloway's London mayoral campaign carries a key message: 'A London for all, not just for those dripping with gold.' The Respect politician promises to make London a fairer, more equal society.

But after Nick Cohen mentioned in The Spectator earlier this week that Galloway hadn't been seen at a number of mayoral hustings, Mr S wondered where he might be hanging out these days.

Shoreditch House, it would seem. According to an email sent to all Soho House members, Galloway is scheduled to give a talk to the Shoreditch branch of the private members' club on 13 April:


Given that membership at the club costs £1,400, Mr S imagines there will be a few champagne socialists in attendance, perhaps some even dripping with gold.

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