Peter Hoskin

A mixed bag

A mixed bag
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Today's YouGov / Telegraph poll places the Tories on 40 percent (down 1 on last month); Labour on 33 percent (unchanged); and the Lib Dems on 16 percent (unchanged).

Like most other recent polls, it's something of a mixed bag for the Tories.  As well as their healthy(ish) overall lead, they're also ahead on the economy and on the question of which party leader would make the best Prime Minister.  But the worry for Team Cameron is that many of these leads are decreasing, whilst opinion of the Goverment is stabilising.  In the wake of Northern Wreck, more might have been expected.

To their credit, the Tories seem to be acting.  In the current climate, their new, anti-Westminster approach feels like a good idea.  But will it be enough to regain them upwards momentum?