A new era dawns on Butler

A new era dawns on Butler
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It feels good, doesn't it? Hearing Labour say something sensible for a change. Last night, eco agitators Extinction Rebellion targeted newspaper printworks hoping to disrupt the distribution of papers like the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Telegraph. 

How did the Corbynite backbencher Dawn Butler respond to this attack on free expression, which has so far seen over 60 people arrested? That's right, by applauding. 

But it seems that someone in Keir Starmer's office has reminded Dawn that the party is under new management – her ill-judged intervention has now been deleted. In fact, the party has gone one step further and released a statement condemning XR: 

A free press is vital for our democracy. People have the right to read the newspapers they want. Stopping them from being distributed and printers from doing their jobs is wrong.

Bravo Labour, excellent work...

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