Peter Hoskin

A poll conundrum

A poll conundrum
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The latest Times / Populus poll places the Tories on 37 percent (down 3 on last month); Labour on 34 percent (up 3); and the Lib Dems on 19 percent (up 2).

The poll was conducted at the weekend - after the vote for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - making the Labour and Lib Dem gains counterintuitive.  I'm aware that Europe doesn't rank high among voters' concerns.  But other evidence strongly suggests that people care about a referendum, if only because it was a manifesto promise.  How to read the poll findings, then?  Do people not feel all that betrayed by Labour and the Lib Dems, or has the sentiment just not filtered through in this case?  I'd be keen to hear your thoughts, CoffeeHousers.