Peter Hoskin

A poster that cuts to the chase

A poster that cuts to the chase
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This feels like a first for this election campaign: a poster which gets quite specific on policy - and not another party's policy either.  It comes courtesy of the Conservatives, and, as you can see above, carries the message: "Let's cut benefits for those who refuse work".

You can expect plenty of handwringing about whether this message is too tough, or whether it represents the Tories shifting rightwards in the aftermath of the Lib Dem surge.  But I imagine it will play well with the many voters who are frustrated at the unfairnesses and inconsistencies of the welfare system.  And it does, at the very least, present one reason to vote (or not to vote) Conservative.

Over at ConHome, Tim Montgomerie is asking for more ideas for similarly positive Tory messages.  So steer your browsers in that direction, or make some suggestions below.