Peter Hoskin

A return for Reid?

A return for Reid?
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I know, I know - there are only so many Labour reshuffle rumours a readership can take.  But I'm still quite surprised that this report in the Mirror hasn't received a greater pick-up across the blogosphere today.  It claims that Gordon Brown's preparing to replace Harriet Harman as Labour Party chairman with none other than John Reid:

"It is believed the ex-Home Secretary bruiser will replace Harriet Harman in a June 12 reshuffle - so allowing him to take on the Tories on TV and radio in the election run-up.

With No.10's blessing, he led the Labour attack after the Budget and defended the 50 per cent tax rate on those earning more than £150,000." Hm.  It sounds like Brown wants to repeat the Mandelson trick - bringing back a veteran Labour politician, with whom he's shared a relationship of mutual loathing, and all in an attempt to mend bridges across the party.  But it does seem like too little, too late.  With Labour facing electoral oblivion, you've got to wonder whether Reid will actually return, and what his motivations are if he does.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the chairman of Celtic FC has his eye on the post-Brown era...