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A review for all occasions

A review for all occasions
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The official response to the latest government security blunder - captured in the last line of this snippet from the Sun - is straight out of Yes, Minister:

"CULTURE Secretary Andy Burnham left a briefcase containing confidential documents on a train yesterday.

The minister’s blunder triggered a security breach alert after he arrived at London’s Euston Station from the North.

But the case was retrieved by a passenger on the train’s next trip and handed in to cops when it reached Glasgow.

Documents, believed to be Cabinet papers marked “restricted” were found inside, according to police sources.

Mr Burnham apologised for the blunder and ordered a review of security procedures in his department."

In its own little way, it's reminiscent of Brown's response to the Damian McBride affair: order unnecessary changes to the advisers' code, and hope that no-one notices who was really at fault.