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A self-regarding attack on free speech

A self-regarding attack on free speech
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Imbecilic leftie authoritarians are whining again about being called nasty names by people with less power than them. Exhibit A is the fabulously stupid Islamist Mehdi Hasan, once of the New Statesman and now of the Huffington PostUK, whatever that is. Here’s the emetic opening sentence of his article in today’s Guardian (under the headline 'We Mustn’t Allow Muslims In Public Life To Be Silenced.' Yes, he means himself):

'Have you ever been called an Islamist? How about a jihadist or a terrorist?? Extremist maybe? Welcome to my world.'

The abuse he gets, he whines, is 'as relentless as it is vicious'. He complains about being called a dangerous Muslim villain, and a cockroach and so on. Aaawwwwwww. Did they upset you, Mehdi? Did they? You poor little poppet. He also complains that he is wilfully misrepresented. Awww, again, and again.

Hasan’s fatuous point seems to be that he gets this abuse because he is a Muslim commentator. But everyone who writes stuff gets it. One of my more narcissistic hobbies is tapping &"Rod Liddle” into Google together with a random expletive, and seeing how many entries come up. When last I checked &"Rod Liddle twat” was about 39,000 hits – how I yearn for the days when it approached half a million. This is online abuse and all writers get it, regardless of their colour, creed or religion, or political disposition. It’s just that the rest of us don’t try to dress it up as Kristallnacht.

Hell, we get misrepresented, wilfully, too. I get misrepresented all the time – and on several occasions knowingly and wilfully by, er, Mehdi Hasan. 'I shouldn’t have to put up with this abuse,' he says, at the end of his self-aggrandising sob story. Yes, you do. We all do. It’s called freedom of speech and it isn’t always pleasant. But then, you’ve never been a big fan of freedom of speech, have you mate – unless it’s your own.