Peter Hoskin

A significant intervention

A significant intervention
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Flicking through this morning's papers, it's difficult not to be struck by the Sun's frontpage call for for election: 'In the name of God, go!'  It's also difficult not to sympathise with it.  Sure, not all MPs are fiddling their expenses.  There are some, probably a majority, who are decent and hard-working.  But, in this case, the public perception is everything.  And the public's faith in their political representatives has completely broken down, and I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to have their say, and rebuild that trust, via the ballot box.  Throw in Gordon Brown's personal predicament - as a PM who has lost the confidence of his party - and there's a strong case for an election.  Now.

From the Tories' perspective, the Sun's intervention will be a welcome one.  Putting aside the question of which party the Murdoch-owned papers will support in the next election, this keys into the calls for an early election that David Cameron has been making, almost week in, week out, for the past two years.  I'm sure Cameron has done so knowing that he'd have some public support.  But now, with a little help from the Sun, that support could swell into an irresistible popular movement; and one the Tory leader could place himself at the forefront of.  Surely, not a bad place to be...