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A tale of two wives

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The Skimmer is genuinely puzzled and needs the help of Coffee Housers. A story appeared on 5th April about a Scottish Muslim called Mohammed Anwar who was clocked doing 64mph in a 30-mile zone in Glasgow -- but kept his licence because he said he needed to be able to continue driving to visit his TWO wives, who lived some miles apart, on alternative nights.


At first, The Skimmer thought this was an April Fool -- and a jolly good one. Then it was noticed that the dateline was 5th April -- and that several papers carried it. Nor has a google search found any retractions/corrections.


So assuming the story is true -- and it looks as if it is -- The Skimmer wants to know why Mr Anwar didn't just have the book thrown at him for breaking the speed limit by over 100% -- but is not being prosecuted for having two wives?! Which last time The Skimmer looked was illegal in the United Kingdom. Or has multi-culturalism and knee-bending to anything Islamic now become this country's default position -- so that we literally have one set of laws for some of us, another set for the rest?


Looks like the Archbishop of Canterbury is getting his way over Sharia law quicker than he thought -- and the lack of an outcry in the country is shaming.