James Forsyth

A taxing issue for CCHQ

A taxing issue for CCHQ
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That Zac Goldsmith has non-dom status is an embarrassment to the Tories. Given the anti-politics mood in the country, the whiff of hypocrisy is extremely dangerous to any political party and for the Tories anything that helps Labour’s effort to portray them as a party dominated by a wealthy clique is damaging.

I suspect, though, that this story will only get bigger if it turns out that there are other Tory candidates who have non-dom status. Given the way candidate selection has been handled in recent years, there is no guarantee that CCHQ has established that all candidates are both resident in the UK for tax purposes and do not have non dom status. If CCHQ is sharp, it will set about establishing this now and, as Ben Brogan says, demand that anyone who wants to continue as a Tory candidate both be resident here for tax purposes and give up their non dom status.

How this plays locally will be well worth watching.  Ben Brogan wonders if Goldsmith told his association of his status and if not whether they will kick up a fuss. I also imagine that this revelation will feature heavily in the Lib Dem effort to hold Richmond Park.