James Forsyth

Abbott gives no answers

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There’s one thing that people want to talk about today and that’s Diane Abbott’s appearance on This Week last night. As you can see above, it was a total disaster for Abbott. She was all over the place on her taxi claims and she got into a total tangle on whether she had meant to imply with her comment that ‘West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their children’ that West Indian mothers were better than mothers of other ethnicities. Under repeated questioning, all she would say is that she had said all she was going to say on the subject.  Even when it was clear that this answer was not sufficient, Abbott had nothing to add.

Abbott has had an easier ride from the media than the other contenders so far because she has less chance than winning. But her performance last night, suggests that her decision to run could result in her reputation not being enhanced but damaged as the contradictions in her positions and persona are exposed under questioning.