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Accountability on your iPhone

Accountability on your iPhone
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With Brown pitching his AV referendum as the solution to at least some of our political ills, it's worth highlighting the quieter efforts of another Labour MP, Derek Wyatt, to fix the system.  Mr Wyatt, you see, has got involved with the MyMP iPhone app which helps voters track and converse with their MPs.  The first version was released on 15 January, but, I must admit, I've only just come across it thanks to the Telegraph's report this morning.

Sure, an iPhone app is only a small thing.  And, in this case, there's certainly room for improvement, as well as for more MPs signing up to the service.  But it's a decent start - and further proof that a combination of simple technology and proactivity on the part of MPs can result in something very much like progress.  Now all we need is an iPhone app which shows expenses claims in real-time. That really would be "post-bureaucracy" in action.

UPDATE: Dizzy thinks that an iPhone app may not be the best, or most open, way of reaching out to the people.  He has a point.  But I'm of the view that this is preferable to nothing – and all the better if more MPs get involved and in less exclusive ways.