Adam Boulton: Burley bash could undermine Sky’s ‘credibility’

Adam Boulton: Burley bash could undermine Sky’s ‘credibility’
Adam Boulton
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Oh dear. It looks like things are not exactly going well for the Sky News presenters who attended Kay Burley’s sixtieth birthday bash and were caught breaking the coronavirus restrictions. As Mr Steerpike reported yesterday, in total four Sky employees have been taken off air after attending the do, and Burley is not expected to be on screen until the new year at the earliest.

To make things worse for the Sky News team, this morning several papers have pictures of both Kay Burley and Beth Rigby at the party, which appear to show the pair hugging outside the restaurant. Mr Steerpike can hardly begrudge someone giving their friend a birthday hug, of course. But considering that Rigby spent an afternoon in May berating Dominic Cummings for his lockdown trip – while highlighting the lengths ordinary people went to in order to exactly follow the rules – her broadside does now seem a tad disingenuous.

It also looks like other Sky presenters are lining up to take pot shots. Yesterday, Mr S noted that Sky News editor-at-large Adam Boulton had retweeted a message calling the Sky presenters involved ‘Morons’. Now Boulton has gone further, and suggested to the Guardian that his colleagues’ behaviour could undermine the credibility of Sky News’ journalism:

‘That said, I retweet things because I think they’re of public interest, and certainly my feed has reflected a lot of people who are very concerned about the credibility of Sky News, and that I think is the important issue: the credibility of our journalism.’

Things are certainly going to be awkward around the water-cooler, the next time the presenters are back in the office…

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