Adam Boulton: David Dimbleby is a backwards step for BBC’s election coverage

Adam Boulton: David Dimbleby is a backwards step for BBC's election coverage
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Tonight Kay Burley will moderate a 'town hall' style Q&A with David Cameron and Ed Miliband as part of the election debate package. When Mr S bumped into Burley's Sky colleague Adam Boulton at this morning's Helen Darroze Regency Power Breakfast at The Connaught, there was no sign of sour grapes about him not being assigned the gig:

'Sky took a decision, really immediately after 2010 - which I was part of - that because they were all male shows last time round, we wanted to put a woman forward.'

Still, not everyone has been able to keep up with Sky according to Boulton. The presenter appeared less than impressed with the BBC's choice of David Dimbleby to host the Question Time election special later this month, which will feature Cameron, Clegg and Miliband:

'I thought it was a bit of a retrograde step... to stick with old Dimbleby. I mean he's a great broadcaster, but I felt this time we had to go for fresh faces all round. It's a bit retro.'

However, the Conservatives haven't helped proceedings accoridng to Boulton. The Sky anchor says that 'Conservative obstructionism' has meant traditional debates have been replaced by a 'random series of events'.

Strong words indeed coming from the man Alastair Campbell previously accused of having Tory bias.

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