Adam ‘Bunter’ Boulton goes to war with May’s advisers

Adam 'Bunter' Boulton goes to war with May's advisers
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Before Theresa May revealed her plans to call a snap election, there was much speculation over what her surprise announcement might be. With hacks simply told that she would be making a statement outside No 10, theories doing the rounds ranged from royal drama to ill health relating to the Prime Minister.

When Adam Boulton raised the latter option on Sky News as speculation ahead of the announcement, the broadcaster received a fiery text from May's co-chief of staff Fiona Hill - 'tell Bunter to watch what he's saying'.

So, is Bunter now being punished? Mr S only asks after Boulton took to the airwaves today to complain that he had no interview with a Tory minister on manifesto day as 'May's advisers' are 'blocking' his requests:

'Well, Sky News requested an interview with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who has been doing the rounds this morning about the manifesto and the Conservatives' plans for social care.

But Mrs May's advisers are blocking interviews by senior ministers to Sky News so instead he gave an interview to the BBC.'

Mr S can't see this one ending well...

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