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After such knowledge, what forgiveness?

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Those Who Trespass Against Us

Countess Karolina Lanckoronska

Pimlico, pp. 341, £

Most of this powerful book was written nearly 60 years ago. It was then rejected by two London publishers as too anti-Soviet in tone, and a few years later by two more as too anti-German. It consists of the war recollections of a Polish countess of notable ancestry and equally notable courage, who describes exactly what it felt like to live under Soviet and then under German military occupation. Ostensibly, she co-operated with the occupiers, in the task of feeding prisoners, denying (under oath, to the Germans) that she was working against them; in fact she was also an invaluable source of intelligence for the Polish Home Army, till she fell into German hands and was packed off to Ravensbr