Jeremy Lott

After Super Tuesday, Donald Trump now has his eyes on the prize

After Super Tuesday, Donald Trump now has his eyes on the prize
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Donald Trump said in his Super Tuesday victory remarks that he had watched Hillary Clinton's speech before coming on. He confessed that he didn't quite get it. "Making America great again," his campaign slogan, is going to be much better than 'making America whole again,'" whatever that is, he said. He had some kind words for Ted Cruz who "at least won a little bit" and nothing nice to say about Marco Rubio who "is a lightweight" and a loser (though at press time, Rubio could still pull out a win in Minnesota). He also called Rubio "their little senator," they being lobbyists.

Trump said that his great America would "create jobs like you've never seen," would provide some relief for the middle class, and would lower the burden on American business and thereby bring "trillions of dollars" home. Recent endorser and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie introduced and stood behind him, which provided a fun moment. Trump said that companies used to move from high tax states to low tax ones but are now leaving the country because of America's high corporate taxes. It used to be that companies would move from New York to Florida, "or they'd move from New Jersey to someplace else, Chris," prompting Christie to shake his head vigorously. But now, of course, they go to Mexico. He'll build a wall to stop that, or something.

"I ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together" to defeat Trump, Cruz said in his Texas victory speech to his fellow non-Trump candidates. That's going to be a tall order, based on the vigor of Trump's exchanges with the press. He again disavowed any KKKish endorsements, said "radical Islamic terrorism, big big problem," promised "I'm going to be really good for women," and talked to journalists about watching not only Fox, but also CNN and even MSNBC. "See? I'm becoming diplomatic" said the clear Republican frontrunner to the press. To his supporters, he said, "We're going to be a much biggger party. Our party is expanding." Cheers all around.