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Alastair Campbell: Brown should apologise

Alastair Campbell: Brown should apologise
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Another interesting post from Tony Blair’s spin man about what Gordon Brown should do about his cocking up so badly:

“So, on doing the right thing, there is the question of Cameron's call for an apology. There may be politics attached to it, but it is worth asking the question - if a Tory spin doctor had been found to be planning smears against the families of Labour politicians, would we have asked for, and expected, an apology? I think the answer is yes.


the public has to see that when GB says he condemns this type of politics, he really means it.”

Also, note the implicit condemnation of the way the Brownites operate in Campbell’s description of the affair as an “unwanted if not entirely unexpected event.” Campbell recommends that Brown should get it all out there as soon as possible:

“This is now one of those stories that will be picked away at until all the loose ends are pulled, so best to get them pulled quickly. For that reason, I hope someone inside No 10 is getting to the very bottom of this episode now.”

This seems to strongly imply that Campbell thinks that people other than McBride, Whelan and Draper knew about Red Rag. This story ain't over yet by a long stretch.

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