Alex Salmond misses the Syria debate (but finds time to unveil his portrait)

Alex Salmond misses the Syria debate (but finds time to unveil his portrait)
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MPs in the Commons are currently debating whether or not to vote in favour of airstrikes in Syria, after the Prime Minister delivered a statement on the issue this morning. As members of the opposition -- including Dennis Skinner and Chris Leslie -- raise questions over the potential airstrikes, where are the self-titled 'real opposition'? Well, for all their talk, the SNP's foreign affairs spokesperson is nowhere to be seen during this Westminster debate.

Instead Alex Salmond has decided it is the opportune time to take a trip up to Edinburgh to attend First Minister's Questions at Scottish Parliament. While Mr S doesn't doubt Salmond's intentions, he couldn't help but notice that Salmond is also set to unveil a portrait of himself today at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, also in Edinburgh.

A little birdie at the gallery tells Steerpike that Salmond is due at the gallery around 1pm, where he will unveil the artwork -- painted in his honour -- to a small group of journalists.

Good to see where the SNP Foreign Affairs spokesman's priorities lie on a day like today.

Update: The unveiling has occurred

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