BBC media editor apologises for ‘unforgivable’ blunder

BBC media editor apologises for 'unforgivable' blunder
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Another day, another BBC apology. But Mr S isn't convinced this one is actually needed. The BBC's new boss was announced this morning and it fell to the corporation's media editor Amol Rajan to fill in viewers about who Tim Davie is. Rajan explained Davie had a 'hellishly, hellishly difficult job' in manning the ship over the next few years. All for £575,000 a year. Poor Tim. 

Rajan then told viewers that Davie was privately educated. He explained:

'He’s a father of three, marathon runner, big Crystal Palace fan. Interestingly, he was privately educated before going on to Cambridge and he’s someone who had a career in marketing…'

But after coming off air, an urgent clarification was issued:

Mr S wonders whether pointing out, correctly, that someone went to a private school really is 'unforgivable'...

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