Rod Liddle

An advert that deserves only our hatred

An advert that deserves only our hatred
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The manufacturer of slow, naff, French cars, Renault, has infuriated residents of a village in Lancashire by comparing it unfavourably with a village in France, in an advertising campaign which it thinks will win over British customers. People in the lovely Ribble Valley village of Gisburn were appalled to see their home mocked in comparison to the mincing polo-shirted deck-shoed town of Menton, which lies on the fabled and greatly overrated Côte d'Azur.

Menton was once part of Italy, and also the Genoese empire, and also Vichy France. In other words it has capitulated more times even than Marshall Petain. I suspect four OAPS from Gisburn could probably annexe Menton for the Crown inside about two hours; all they'd have to do is turn up and sneer nastily. The founder of the car company, Louis Renault, cheerfully manufactured lorries for the Nazi armies in world war two, but died in prison in 1944 before the French, suddenly afflicted with bravery and morality, could shoot him or hang him.

I hate all adverts. I especially hate car insurance adverts and ones for yoghurt based products which supposedly relieve women of constipation. But I think I hate this one even more.