Peter Hoskin

An air of resignation descends on Westminster

An air of resignation descends on Westminster
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So Gordon's Summit will start with calls for two of his most prominent ministers to resign ringing in his ears. 

Of course, there's the continuing brouhaha over Jacqui Smith and her expense claims.  A revealing PoliticsHome poll, released this afternoon, finds that a majority of voters (56 percent) think she should step down as Home Secretary - with only 36 percent thinking she should remain in the post.  Despite his support for Smith, the PM will find it difficult to ignore that level of public disapproval.

And then there's Sir Tom McKillop's letter to the Treasury Select Committee, claiming that Lord Myners, the City Minister, knew more than he admitted about Fred Goodwin's pension package.  As Paul Waugh suggests, the revelations are "potentially devastating," and already George Osborne is saying that Myners will have to make a convincing defence or quit by the end of the day.  

It's hard not to see all this as indicative of a government in decline.  Little wonder why Barack Obama's made time to meet David Cameron tomorrow.