Andrew Marr accused of EU bias over Boris Johnson interview

Andrew Marr accused of EU bias over Boris Johnson interview
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This week Nigel Farage revealed that he had been left 'worried' about Boris Johnson's ability to campaign for Brexit after his 'slightly shambolic' North London press conference. While the Ukip leader insists he has since come round to Johnson's involvement, Mr S wonders what he will make of the Mayor of London's turn on The Andrew Marr show.

Johnson appeared on the BBC show to put forward the case for leaving the EU. However, what followed was a tense exchange between Johnson and Marr as each tried to set the interview agenda. With Boris keen to speak about the single market and sovereignty, he clashed with Marr when the presenter attempted to change topic:

AM: Let's move on to tipper trucks just for a second. We need to move on, we've got a lot to cover

BJ: Well, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to cover

AM: No, guess what? It's not the Boris Johnson show, it's the Andrew Marr show -- I get to ask the questions.

BJ: Alright, you have sovereignty

AM: I have complete sovereignty over this programme

BJ: Unlike the UK

While one could argue that Marr's tendency to interrupt Johnson during the interview was simply to stop the Mayor of London from rambling on, the Brexit camp see things differently. Angry Leave activists have accused Marr -- and the BBC - of showing that they are biased against Brexit:

With Vote Leave claiming that Johnson was interrupted 57 times compared to Cameron being interrupted a mere 23 times when he last appeared on the show, Marr has taken to Twitter to defend himself. He says he only interrupted as it 'felt like being a fly heckling a steamroller'.

Somehow Mr S suspects this won't be the last Marr hears on the incident.