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Andy Burnham, football mad

Andy Burnham, football mad
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Humble hat-tips to Iain Dale and Jim Pickard for spotting this fun exchange in Labour Uncut's interview with Andy Burnham:

Q. (from Jackie): If you had the choice between playing for Everton in an FA cup final, or become the next Labour Prime Minister which would you chose?

A. (after exactly two seconds) Everton, FA Cup final.

press secretary: (howls) No!

Q. That is a bold statement!

press secretary: I’m going to kill him.

Q. She is going to strangle you when I leave.

press secretary: I am.

Campaign manager Kevin: Can you re-answer that one please Andy.

A. Well it’s a different choice isn’t it! That [playing in the FA Cup final] is like a one-off thing isn’t it!

Q. (to press secretary) I don’t think that’s the worst answer you know.

A. (to press secretary) Yeah.

Q. ok then, next..

A. Yeah, next!

Campaign manager Kevin: no you really need to re-answer that one.

A. Ok. Labour Prime Minister.