Andy Coulson’s PR exercise hits a bum note

Andy Coulson's PR exercise hits a bum note
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When Andy Coulson stepped down as David Cameron's director of communications in 2011 over phone hacking allegations, it made front page news. In the subsequent trial, Coulson was sentenced to 18 months for conspiracy to hack phones.

So as Coulson embarks on a new chapter in his life, Mr S was intrigued to read an interview Coulson has given to the Evening Standard to promote his communications company, Coulson Chappell. In the interview, Coulson answers a range of pre-set questions that a celebrity is asked each week for ES Magazine's 'My London' section.

When asked who his hero is, Coulson names Winston Churchill, before claiming the politician would not 'have survived more than a year in modern politics'. However its another question that caught Steerpike's attention. The interviewer asks Coulson if he has ever has a brush with the law:

ES: Ever had a run-in with a London policeman?

AC: You obviously don't read the papers

Hats off to Coulson's PR team for picking this interview slot.

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