Anna Soubry’s choice of words raises eyebrows

Anna Soubry's choice of words raises eyebrows
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After Inside the Commons drew to a close last night, a new row involving the House of Commons documentary developed. Reports have emerged claiming that in unused footage an MP was recorded calling Ed Miliband a 'sanctimonious c-nt'.

Anna Soubry has taken the hard line approach of denying she said any such thing, threatening legal action on anyone who wishes to accuse her. The Tory MP says any footage claiming to show this will prove that she said the word 'rubbish' as opposed to a profanity.

While Mr S would never doubt an MP's word, Steerpike couldn't help but think back to the time the defence minister caused offence with her choice of language on The Andrew Marr Show. After her fellow guest Rory Bremner impersonated Nigel Farage, the Conservative MP quipped that ‘I always think he looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it’. Farage was none too amused.

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