Peter Hoskin

Another of Brown’s attacks undermined?

Another of Brown's attacks undermined?
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We've already mentioned how Mervyn King's recent comments undermine Brown's central "doing everything it takes" vs "do nothing" distinction.  But a document that the Tories have just put out highlights how another of the PM's central attacks is now in tatters. 

Its theme is how Brown has "taken" the Tories' "advice", now that he seems to have backed down on another fiscal stimulus.  This line cuts right through the "no time for a novice" jibe, and subverts the teacher and pupil relationship that Brown has tried to cultivate in PMQs recently (cf, from a couple of weeks ago, his "Unprecedented means without precedent; global means across the world..." monologue). 

Brown's strategies, big and small, really do seem to have been shot to pieces this week.  The Tories need to capitalise on the disarray, as this latest document suggests they might.