Anti-Brexit protesters turn on Labour leader: ‘Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?’

Anti-Brexit protesters turn on Labour leader: 'Where's Jeremy Corbyn?'
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This time last year, Jeremy Corbyn was standing on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury to adoring chants of 'Oh-Jeremy-Corbyn'. Last weekend, Corbyn-mania attempting a resurgence at JezFest – Labour's very own music festival – but failed to deliver the Labour leader another Glastonbury moment – with only faint chants to be heard.

Happily, Corbyn can take heart that his name was chanted en masse this weekend. Only it wasn't for the reason that his supporters had in mind. At the anti-Brexit People's Vote march in London, protesters angrily chanted 'where's Jeremy Corbyn?'

It turns out that Corbyn was busy visiting a refugee camp. However, the point remains that had Corbyn been simply planning a day in his allotment, few believe the Eurosceptic politician – who has been accused of becoming the handmaiden of Brexit – would have traded the weeds for the pro-EU march.

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