Rod Liddle

Anybody who uses the phrase ‘Daesh’ is terminally deluded

Anybody who uses the phrase 'Daesh' is terminally deluded
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This is a relentlessly busy world, with so many people expressing so many different points of view. We become overwhelmed by it all, at times. So it is useful to have a few short-cuts at hand, when sieving the wheat from the chaff.

Much as it is the case that we might ignore any commentator who uses the world 'vulnerable', so too we can assure ourselves that anyone who uses the term 'Daesh' in respect of those head-chopping Muslim lunatics out in Syria, is terminally deluded and we can ignore them too.

The term is now used exclusively by those who wish to kid themselves that the Islamic State is a rogue singularity, entirely outside the normal Islamic mindset, whatever that might be. And so they have made up a word to support this patently flawed thesis. When the facts don’t fit, make it up. Twist reality.