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Appeasement Watch: Harare Edition

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Michael Ledeen despairs over Condi Rice's condemnation of Robert Mugabe:

This is Darfur all over again. And Iran all over again.  And Syria all over again.  Stern language, with the threat of even sterner language if the recipient doesn't behave better.It's an embarrassment.

Once upon a time, we had leaders who supported freedom and did everything possible to bring down tyrants.  But not today. Today we give feel-good speeches full of politically correct slogans, wrapped in the mantle of multiculturalism and multilateralism. [Emphasis added].

When did the United States enjoy these leaders? This seems a questionable assertion to say the least, certainly in the post-WW2 era. And, of course, Ledeen doesn't actually suggest what the US (or anyone else, for that matter) should actually do vis a vis Zimbabwe. It would be nice if South Africa took a different attitude, but I don't quite see how Washington or London is in any great position to actually achieve this. Better by far to pine for the joyous simplicity of non-existent good ol' days instead...

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