Peter Hoskin

Are we about to see a double-act?

Are we about to see a double-act?
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It's Tuesday, so it's time to sift through Rachel Sylvester's column for juicy quotes.  In her latest, she saves the best for last: a Cabinet minister saying that "It’s up to the brotherhood now".  No, not that brotherhood – but the brothers Miliband, Ed and David.  The intimation being that they need to take over from Brown – and sharpish.

There's been plenty of speculation about the Milibands recently, so this latest titbit shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.  But, to my mind, it's interesting how this minister packages Ed and David together – as the "brotherhood".  It has generally been assumed that one or the other wouldn't run for the leadership if the other one did.  But being seen as a double-ticket (as PM and Chancellor? As leader and deputy?) could overcome this hurdle, as well as widening the base of Labour members that either could appeal to.

Either way, the speculation continues – further undermining Brown's position as it does so.