Arnie’s advice for Dave

Arnie’s advice for Dave
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Only the Governator could bring the political and film crowds together. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in town last night to promote his new film, The Last Stand. He packed Sketch in Mayfair with an audience that contained everyone from business minister Matthew Hancock to Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper. Even the immaculately dressed Chris Eubank was in attendance.

Arnie gave a brilliant impersonation of himself, saying that he was a ‘big believer in’s the only way people will know about your mooovie’. He had the crowd in rapture when he reminded it that he had not drawn a salary during his time in politics. Apparently, it was ‘petty cash compared to moooovies’. The film is out in January. And yes, he said it: he ‘will be back’ to promote it then.

I chatted with with the stacked superstar after he had worked the room, and brought the conversation round to his favourite mayor:

‘Cameron must not try to imitate Johnson. It would be a disaster. Johnson is authentic. It has to be organic. Cameron must just be himself.’

Stick to that advice and perhaps young Dave 'will be back’ in 2015.

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