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Around the Web: Labour’s manifesto

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We have some video footage of Brown’s speech at Spectator Live, and you can read Pete’s analysis here.

Elsewhere on the Web:

Hopi Sen likes the promise on early diagnosis on Cancer care, and the fact that no incredible spending pledges have been included.

The Guardian’s Julian Glover attacks a 'meaningless manifesto':

'Ed Miliband, who we are told wrote Labour's manifesto, is fond of saying that the Tories are on the wrong side of the battle of ideas. It's a neat phrase, but an empty one unless you have ideas of your own. On the basis of today's manifesto performance, Labour doesn't.'

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Robert Peston reckons it ‘represents a significant shift away from the party's belief in a market-based economy and a shift towards much more government intervention.’

Janet Daley is clear that ‘Gordon Brown doesn’t get it’. His government will do ‘more and more’ when it should be doing less and less.

And, whilst Labour List liked the presentation, The Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow didn’t:

'There seems to be a huge Labour audience in the room. It sounds more like a rally than a press conference. This might be a premature judgment, but I feel that this is going badly wrong in presentational terms. Brown has just picked a fight with the political editor of the BBC and appeared to accuse the person who will be chairing next week's Sky leaders' debate of being a Tory stooge.'