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Assorted LibDem-ery

Assorted LibDem-ery
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Alastair Campbell is right on two counts.  First, that this snippet from George Parker's Budget preview is pretty fascinating:

"Senior Lib Dems whisper that Vince Cable, the Lib Dem business secretary, never really believed his pre-election rhetoric that cuts should be delayed until 2011."

But it does inspire the question, why?  Are Vince's enemies looking to embarrass and discredit him?  Or are his friends looking to rewrite the history books to suggest that he always wanted to do the right thing?  Either way, another sign, however modest, of Cable's potential to destabilise the coalition.

And in other Lib Dem news, as I'm sure you've heard: Chris Huhne is leaving his wife for his lover.  Not sure it quite qualifies as "public interest," but it should shift some pre-Budget coverage from the politics pages.