Peter Hoskin

Baltimore: not like Midsomer Murders

Baltimore: not like Midsomer Murders
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Whether you agree with Chris Grayling's comparison between "Broken Britain" and The Wire or not, it's hard not to smile at Baltimore's mayor, Sheila Dixon, evoking the UK's own bloodsoaked Midsomer Murders in response:

"To present a television show as the real Baltimore is to perpetuate a fiction that dishonours our city. It is as pointless as boasting that Baltimore has a per capita homicide rate a fraction of that in the popular UK television show Midsomer Murders."

Hat-tip: Liberal Conspiracy

UPDATE: Oh, the embarrassment!  Guido reports that this whole quote (and the Mayor of Baltimore website behind it) was an eloborate hoax, by Alex Hilton of Recess Monkey, designed to catch out "churnalists".  I'll certainly think twice now before flagging something up from another blog  - so congrats, Alex.