David Blackburn

Barring Griffin was an error, Your Majesty

Barring Griffin was an error, Your Majesty
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I sympathise with the Palace, who were put in a tight position by Nick Griffin’s attendance at a Garden Party in his capacity as an MEP. But he should not have been barred unless he had broken the law or was gratuitously offensive, which he has not been on this occasion.


Griffin’s attendance at anything always becomes a party political matter, such is the loathing felt for him and his politics, and his ability to use that loathing to his advantage. So, the leader of the BNP appears on GMTV this morning, telling all of his pride at being an MEP and his invitation to Buckingham Palace. The Palace defines that as an attempt to ‘blatantly politicise attendance’. Griffin is far too subtle an operator for anything so obvious. Through nauseating insouciance, he goads his opponents to politicise him. Garden Parties are a non-event, yet the centre-left press has heralded ‘a dark day at the Palace as Griffin rides in’.


The BNP was dead and buried after a disastrous election. By excluding him from the Garden Party, the Palace has given Griffin the publicity and perverse sense of victimhood on which his brand of politics subsists. Game, set and match Griffin, again.

UPDATE: And here he is, predictable as ever, singing the same old tune. 'At the end of the day, it isn’t about the Queen; it’s about the ConDem government. The corrupt British establishment, they are all against the British National Party because our message is simple and it appeals to the British people: This country is full, it’s time to stop immigration, and their rotten dirty stinking war in Afghanistan, it’s time to bring our boys home.'

PS: Guido sees the funny side.