BBC cameraman in hospital after altercation outside Jeremy Corbyn’s home

BBC cameraman in hospital after altercation outside Jeremy Corbyn's home
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It appears that relations between Jeremy Corbyn's team and the press have reached a new low. Channel 4's Michael Crick has claimed that James Webb, BBC cameraman, was admitted to hospital last night following an incident outside Corbyn's home in North London. He says the cameraman has suffered 'neck and face injuries' after a 'Corbyn aide allegedly assaulted him as Corbyn left his home yesterday'.

Crick has shared a photo of the cameraman in hospital, which shows the extent of the injuries:

However, Labour have distanced themselves from the incident, saying that no member of Labour staff was involved. A Labour source tells Mr S that the incident involved a member of the government car service, which provides transport for ministers.

A Department for Transport spokesperson says they are looking into reports regarding an incident involving a Government Car Service vehicle:

'We are investigating media reports of an incident yesterday involving a Government Car Service vehicle. We are looking at whether the driver was involved and the extent and nature of that involvement.'

Meanwhile with the BBC yet to release a statement, Crick claims that management members at the Beeb have told their cameramen not to to comment on the incident:

This is not the first incident that involves Corbyn and a cameraman. Sky's Darren McCaffrey chronicled an awkward encounter online when he tried to ask Corbyn questions about the number of women in his shadow cabinet.

Update: Jeremy Corbyn has said he is 'sorry' someone was hurt, but adds that he told the cameraman what happened was not his responsibility.

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