Beast of Bolsover backs Brexit

Beast of Bolsover backs Brexit
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At this late stage in the EU referendum campaign, the majority of MPs have declared their voting intentions -- with some even finding time to do so twice. However, one crucial voice has been missing in the debate until now.

Step forward Dennis Skinner. The veteran Labour MP has let his thoughts on the referendum down with a splash in Friday's Morning Star. Skinner tells the socialist paper that he is an outer:

Skinner says it's concerns about the future of the NHS, along with the need to clampdown on capitalism that has caused him to back Leave:

'In the old days they could argue you might get a socialist government in Germany, but there’s not been one for donkeys’ years. At one time there was Italy, the Benelux countries, France and Germany, Portugal, Spain and us. Now there’s just one in France and it’s hanging on by the skin of its teeth.'

He adds that he is not worried about workers' rights being at risk if we leave the EU as the Tories would have a hard time shifting them.

While a Labour MP making the left-wing case for Brexit is the last thing the Remain camp needs as they try to rally the party's supporters, Skinner's preference shouldn't come as a surprise. The 84-year-old is known for being a Eurosceptic -- once telling Cameron not to expect two-way traffic if Turkey joined the EU.

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