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Best served cold

Best served cold
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Good spot by the FT's Jim Pickard, who has picked up on these informal minutes from the last meeting of Labour's National Executive Committee.  He's aleady rooted out some of the juiciest sections (including stuff about voting reform and the election date), so I'd suggest you head over to the FT Westminster blog for that.  But this deliciously sinister reference to the Hoon and Hewitt plot deserves repeating:

"Two weeks earlier, members of the organisation committee had forcefully expressed grassroots anger at continuing outbreaks of indiscipline at senior levels and agreed that all members should be equally subject to party rules, but the NEC ended up adopting Dennis Skinner's advice to deny the troublemakers the oxygen of publicity. We may return to them after the election."

Yep, that post-election landscape could be very bloody indeed.