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Better a jaguar than a cougar...

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Grist and Outside magazines have been running a series of interviews with the Presidential candidates on environmental issues. So far they've done all the Democrats but just McCain and Mike Huckabee from the GOP side of the aisle. Presumably the others will make time for this interview too?

Anyway, there's plenty of interesting stuff. But, attached to trivia as this blog is, I was struck by John McCain's answer to the throwaway question, "What kind of animal would you be?"

I think I'd like to be a jaguar

That seems a good answer. Sadly they don't seem to have asked Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton this question and readers are invited to speculate (wildly) on what might be the most appropriate (or inappropriate) answers Obama, Clinton, Dodd, Biden, Edwards etc could have given to this question. Ditto Giuliani, Thompson and so on.

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